My Dinner with the Ambassador from Japan

by Elke Reva Sudin


There is a certain magic that happens with this project. One minute, I am explaining this idea I have about conceptualizing the future of Asian-Jewish crossover, the next minute, I get an invitation to the private residence of the Consul-General of Japan in New York! The event was a private dinner and discussion hosted by the Global Round Table, a group of Jewish professionals whose goal is to put a human face on global affairs with round table discussions and meetings such as this.
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Shalom Japan: A Jewish-Japanese Love Story

By Lucy Cohen Blatter

Chickpea Tofu

Jewish and Japanese food might not be the most obvious pairing, but two accomplished New York City chefs are banking on the fact that the two seemingly disparate cuisines will complement one another — just as they have.

Shalom Japan, an eatery set to open in South Williamsburg at the end of July, is a collaboration between chefs and real-life couple Aaron Israel (of Mile End Deli and Torrisi Italian Specialties fame) and Sawako Okochi (formerly of Annisa and The Good Fork. Micaela Grossman who Israel knows from Torrisi will be in charge of the space outside the kitchen — overseeing the front-of-house, service, and Shalom Japan’s cocktail and wine list.

Asian-Jewish Food Fusion: Malaysian Matzo Ball Chicken Curry

From the blog Shanghi Shiok!

“Here, Ma,” I said, passing my mother the box of matzo ball mix. “From A.J.’s family in Minnesota.” She stared at it. “Matzo ball?” she said, though it sounded like “moth ball” in her Malaysian accent. “Yeah. Really tasty and easy to make. Eat with chicken soup.”
“Chicken soup?” she repeated, making a face. “So boring lah. Can put in curry ah?”

And that’s how we got delicious matzo ball chicken curry.

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