Asian-Jewish Food Fusion: Malaysian Matzo Ball Chicken Curry

From the blog Shanghi Shiok!

“Here, Ma,” I said, passing my mother the box of matzo ball mix. “From A.J.’s family in Minnesota.” She stared at it. “Matzo ball?” she said, though it sounded like “moth ball” in her Malaysian accent. “Yeah. Really tasty and easy to make. Eat with chicken soup.”
“Chicken soup?” she repeated, making a face. “So boring lah. Can put in curry ah?”

And that’s how we got delicious matzo ball chicken curry.

DSC00580-640x480 DSC00583-640x480

We followed the simple instructions on the matzo ball mix box, simmered the fresh curry paste for… ten minutes or so on medium heat before adding the 450g of fresh chicken and 2 sliced potatoes and simmered for… another twenty minutes? before adding a box of santan, coconut milk. Anyway, if you already know how to make or procure some curry, you’re good!

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