Ancient People, Fortunate Future is an exploration of Jewish and East-Asian cultural crossover envisioning the next Jewish diaspora in the Far East.

Jewish-American artist Elke Reva Sudin explores the growing crossover between Jewish and Far Eastern cultures in recent times and sees a bright future for these two ancient cultures to work together. Her resulting artworks interpret Jewish life as it will appear in a whimsical artistic telling of the future.

Inspired by past Jewish diasporic histories, Ancient People, Fortunate Future focuses on similarities and differences in ritual, tradition, familial practices, cultural narratives, food, clothing, calligraphies, and culture as it deals with modernity and globalization.

There are currently many instances of Asian interest in Judaism and the Jewish people providing exciting possibilities for future crossover.

The final exhibition will showcase original artworks themed around the different parts of the home, using various forms of painting and installation to reflect how these cross-overs will affect Jewish identity.

More about the artist at www.elkerevasudin.com or follow her @elkerevasudin.

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