Katakana for Each Identity

Picking up the ol’ Pentel brush and paper to jot down some quick characters. After primarily working as an iPad painter it feels good to put a real brush to real paper! I definitely know there are flaws here but am working from memory. You can tell that I’m more fluid than if I tried to painstakingly carve out each letter.

This is my first name in English, my Hebrew name, and Katakana (Japanese phonetic) versions of each. Enjoy.


Israel Woos Japanese Tourists With Ultra-Weird Anime Series

いいね!イスラエル, or “Israel, Like!” is the Israeli Embassy In Japan’s new anime series, created to attract Japanese tourists to Israel through the adventures of animated sisters Saki and Noriko as they bop around the holy land. The sisters are occasionally joined by “Shalom Chan,” a weird bird-egg (egg-bird? Horrible mutant?) character introduced last year by the Embassy. (HEEB)